Quick Start Roadmap To Healing After Broken Trust: Foundations

FREE TOOLS FROM PODCAST UNDER PREVIEW BUTTONS...Looking to better understand this healing journey you're on?  This introductory course is an extension of our Healing Broken Trust podcast and will help you implement the things we talk about in the audio program.  You will see that you can access parts of the training for free to see if you like it (just like we mentioned on the podcast).  If you want to complete the course then enroll.  Any time you're ready to take it to the next level join the Smart Couples Academy. ***For quick access this is a digital product only***
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Stop My Divorce, Ruin Their Affair

If your spouse has left you, if they've filed for divorce, their actions say they are choosing the affair partner over you...this program is for you.  We will show you exactly how the most successful individuals have saved their relationship when their partner has left them for someone else...or just plain left.  ***For quick access this is a digital product only***
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Healing Conversation Blueprint

So you need to know how to talk with them about something very important.  Maybe divorce is on the table and you don't know how to navigate something so tricky.  Maybe you'd like to have conversations about money, parenting, inlaws, or other problems.  If that's you then this course is for you!  For less than a nice dinner for two you can deepen intimacy and have conversations that really get you what you want in life.  ***For quick access this is a digital product only***
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Should You Get A Lie Detector Test?

Find out if you need a polygraph exam with this program.  If you're not yet ready to heal the relationship and you can't seem to heal yourself because you can't trust your partner then you might want a lie detector.  ***For quick access this is a digital product only***
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Brad was instrumental in bringing us back to a place that had become unfamiliar to us-the love and commitment we once shared. He taught us how to communicate on an emotional level instead of the transactional communications we had been using to navigate our days.
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Brad and Morgan Robinson

We offer In Person Therapy, Online Coaching, and Online Home Study Programs to heal your relationship and yourself.  You will find some of the online programs are free.  If you like it you can choose to purchase the rest.