Healing Conversation Blueprint by Brad and Morgan Robinson

Healing Conversation Blueprint

Quick Communication Guide For Any Couple


So you need to know how to talk with them about something very important.  Maybe divorce is on the table and you don't know how to navigate something so tricky.  Maybe you'd like to have conversations about money, parenting, inlaws, or other problems.  If that's you then this course is for you!  For less than a nice dinner for two you can deepen intimacy and have conversations that really get you what you want in life.  ***For quick access this is a digital product only***

What's included?

Video Icon 6 videos


Lesson #1: Mastering Healing Conversations
47 mins
Lesson #2: Lowering Walls
21 mins
Lesson #3: When Trauma Impacts Communication
18 mins
Lesson #4: Push Pull
10 mins
Lesson #5: Joining Together
4 mins
Lesson #6: How To Repair
8 mins

Brad and Morgan Robinson

We offer In Person Therapy, Online Coaching, and Online Home Study Programs to heal your relationship and yourself.  You will find some of the online programs are free.  If you like it you can choose to purchase the rest.


What is the difference between this and the Communication Course

This is only centered around the conversations blueprint where the Communication Master Class includes bonding and intimacy.  It includes the exercises between you and yours spouse.  This program includes how you can transform communication on your own.