Stop My Divorce, Ruin Their Affair by Brad and Morgan Robinson

Stop My Divorce, Ruin Their Affair

If You Want To Stop The Divorce or Ruin Their Affair


If your spouse has left you, if they've filed for divorce, their actions say they are choosing the affair partner over you...this program is for you.  We will show you exactly how the most successful individuals have saved their relationship when their partner has left them for someone else...or just plain left.  ***For quick access this is a digital product only***

What's included?

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First Steps When They Say "I'm Done"
Stop These Relationship Killers Right Away
How To Act So You Get Them To Change
How To Navigate The Process Without Loosing Your Mind

Brad and Morgan Robinson

We offer In Person Therapy, Online Coaching, and Online Home Study Programs to heal your relationship and yourself.  You will find some of the online programs are free.  If you like it you can choose to purchase the rest.


Is it live or pre-recorded?

This is a work at your own pace program.  That means the videos are recorded and can be viewed at your leisure, day or night, in your pjs, or not.  

Do I do this with my partner or alone?

Alone.  Definitely alone on this one.  This is 100% individual work.  The goal and purpose is to get your spouse to re-engage with you so you can do couples work.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions or concerns then you can join our private facebook group where we do weekly live Q&A calls and answer questions as they happen.  You will also find support from your peers.