How To Transform Your Marriage by Brad and Morgan Robinson

How To Transform Your Marriage

6 Lessons On Healing Your Marriage On Your Own


Finally, a program that allows you to get what you need from your relationship even if your partner does absolutely nothing.

This 6 week master class will show you how to get the changes you want without them even realizing it.  It's not any form of manipulation and it's not illegal=).  They just can't help but respond to you when you follow this instruction.  ***For quick access this is a digital product only***

What's included?

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Week 1: How To See Instant Changes In Your Mate
Day 1 : How Can You Turn Your Relationship Around
Day 2 : The Greatest Fear
16 mins
Day 3 : The Fear Explained
19 mins
Day 4 : Acceptance
15 mins
Day 5 : Our Natural State With Our Mate
30 mins
Week 2: 3 Strategies For Getting What You Want
Day 1: 3 Strategies For Getting What You Want
Day 2: How To See Instant Changes In Your Mate
Day 3: How Do We Believe In Them?
Day 4: Leveraging Positive Attention
Day 5: Sex Objects
Week 3: Techniques For Creating Instant Healthy Communication
Day 1: Techniques For Creating Instant Healthy Communication
19 mins
Day 2: Strategy One: How to "Be There"
12 mins
Day 3 : Giving Your Advice is Not Being There
24 mins
Day 4: Giving Advice
10 mins
Day 5 : The 20 Seconds Bonding Moments
3 mins
Day 6 : Heart Activation
6 mins
Week 4: Fighting Boredom, Keeping Your Relationship Fresh and Exciting
Day 1: How To Love Your Mate According To Their Needs
Day 2: The Cold Hard Truth About Why People Really Stay Married
Day 3: How Successful Couples Create A Buffer
Day 4: What Women Want
Day 5: What Men Want
Week 5: Increasing Happiness When Nothing Seems Very Good
Day 1: The One "Guilt Free" Thing You Can Do For Yourself That'll Improve Your Relationship
Day 2: Happy People Have This One Thing In Common
Day 3: How To Use Affirmations
Day 4: Being Happy Is One of the Best....
Week 6: How to keep the love with your mate and heal the wounds and feelings of rejection.
Day 1: You Know How To....
Day 2: Every Day Rejections
Day 3: How To Heal Feelings of Rejection
Day 4: How To Heal Traumatic Wounds

Brad and Morgan Robinson

We offer In Person Therapy, Online Coaching, and Online Home Study Programs to heal your relationship and yourself.  You will find some of the online programs are free.  If you like it you can choose to purchase the rest.


What does it cover?

We let you in on the real reasons they don't want to change.  Why they really don't take responsibility for their actions (or inactions). You'll gain and understanding of what's really going on in their mind so you can help them change from the inside out.

How long is this course?

This is a 6 week self paced course.  You can have access to the weekly calls as long as you want.  

What happens after this course?

The next best step after this course is to complete the "How To Communicate And Trust Again Especially After Infidelity Master Class".  This will help you heal together so you don't fall back into patterns.

Do we do this in a group or alone?

This work is meant for you to do on your own.  You can ask questions as they come up during our weekly Q&A calls.